Rudolf Serkin


Rudolf Serkin: "Yaltah Menuhin has a very great talent."

Rosalyn Tureck  

Rosalyn Tureck: "It is rare nowadays to hear a pianist who is so musically sensitive."

Yehudi Menuhin  

Yehudi Menuhin: "Yaltah has remarkable musicality and her performances are very revealing."

Marcel Ciampi  

Marcel Ciampi: "Yaltah was an unforgettable child with prodigious natural gifts."

Ilona Kabos   Ilona Kabos: "I believe that Yaltah has true genius."
Pierre Monteux  

Pierre Monteux: "Her 'Emperor' Concerto was delightfully classical and yet original and always beautiful."

Georges Enesco  

Georges Enesco: "Yaltah possesses a great musical talent."

Myra Hess  

Dame Myra Hess: "A totally natural pianist."

Hephzibah Menuhin  

Hephzibah Menuhin: "I have heard Yaltah play Bach in a way that made it a great experience."




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