Label: Deutsche Grammophon


Catalogue number: LPEM 19126


Released: 1951


Krenek: Sonata for Viola & Piano


Soloists: Yaltah Menuhin and Michael Mann


Ernst Krenek was born in Vienna in August 1900 and died in Palm Springs in December 1991.

Krenek studied with Schreker at the Vienna Academy of Music and at Berlin. He married Anna, Gustav Mahler's daughter, in 1922. The success of his opera Jonny spielt auf, first produced in 1927, enabled him to live in comfortable independence though it offended Nazi ideals. He stayed in Vienna until the outbreak of war in 1939, then emigrated to America.

Ernst Krenek Institute: http://www.krenek.com/

Krenek Society: http://www.ernstkrenek.org/

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