Label: SPA Records


Catalogue number: SPA 10


Released: 1953


Zeisl: Brandeis Sonata for Violin & Piano, composed in 1949

Soloists: Yaltah Menuhin and Israel Baker, who premiered the work in 1950

Eric Zeisl was born in Vienna in May 1905 and died in Los Angeles in February 1959.

Zeisl graduated from the State Academy of Music in Vienna, where he established himself as a composer and became professor at the Conservatory. After narrowly escaping capture during the Kristallnacht, Zeisl and his wife initially fled to Paris, but moved to America in September 1939. His compositions include a piano concerto, a cello concerto (written for Gregor Piatigorsky), four ballets, numerous choral and chamber works, and half of an unfinished opera. He worked on many films, never receiving a screen-credit. Zeisl was composer-in-residence at the Brandeis-Bardin Institute and at the Huntington Hartford Foundation. On 18 February 1959, at the age of 53 and at the height of his creative powers, Eric Zeisl suffered a heart attack after teaching an evening class (later taught by Ernst Krenek) at Los Angeles City College.

Homepage Eric Zeisl: http://www.zeisl.com/

Brandeis-Bardin Institute: http://www.brandeis-bardin.org/

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