Label: Music Library, USA


Catalogue number: MLR 7006


Released: 1954


Antheil: Second Violin Sonata, composed in 1947-1948


Soloists: Yaltah Menuhin and Israel Baker


George Antheil was born in New Jersey in July 1900 and died in New York in February 1959.

Antheil was born in Trenton, New Jersey, of Polish-German parentage. He began his studies in music at the Philadelphia Conservatory and later became a pupil of Ernest Bloch. He concertized in Europe in the early twenties and lived in Paris till 1930. His compositions were played in France and Central Europe with great success. His Symphony Zingareska, in which jazz was used, was played by the Berlin Philharmonic in 1922. His Symphony in F and his Piano Concerto were played in Paris under the direction of Vladimir Golschmann in 1926 and 1927 respectively. In 1927 he returned to New York to produce his Ballet Mécanique, which introduced several mechanical pianos and electrical appliances beside the accepted musical instruments. He then returned to Vienna and Berlin. In 1928 he became Assistant Music Director of the Berlin Stadttheater. In 1930 his opera Transatlantic was produced in Frankfurt-am-Main; it was one of the few American operas ever given by the pre-Hitler government. Besides numerous chamber works, he wrote three symphonies and a violin concerto.

Homepage George Antheil: http://www.antheil.org/

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