New York Times:

"Miss Yaltah Menuhin has some illustrious relatives .... but her playing can stand by itself."



The Times, London:

"Strength and Eloquence: A recital in the first place enjoyable for its fascinating variety."



Geneva Tribune:

"Behind an appearance of touching beauty, Yaltah Menuhin possesses a reserve of unsuspected powers - which, thanks to her self-mastery and profound culture, she channels into musical paths sprinkled with tenderness, acuity and modesty."



Daily Telegraph, Manchester:

"Yaltah Menuhin's recital embraced a wide scope. Her interpretation seemed to suggest 'emotion recollected in tranquility': an intellectual, reflective exploration of the composer's meaning which is illumined by a deep and warm musicianship.... she struck the true note of Beethoven's grandeur - majestic, lofty, yet close to the heart."



Guide de concert, Paris:

"Yaltah Menuhin displays a great pianistic virtuosity permeated with lyricism; a strong rhythm underlines a brilliant rendition which is also poetic, sensitive, elegant, simple and intense at the same time."



Mail, Oxford:

"Mozart most lyrical and played with grace: Yaltah Menuhin is a sensitive Mozart player. At the Town Hall she chose the lyrical A major concerto and played it with grace and charm. There was much sunlight in the two outer movements and in the melancholy slow movement, she maintained an admirably smooth flow and continuity."



Los Angeles Times:

"Miss Menuhin, the sister of Yehudi and Hephzibah, is an extraordinarily gifted pianist .... fleet and accurate fingers that produce a broad and firm tone .... a rare sense of musical values and style."



Citizen, Ottawa:

"Yaltah Menuhin at the piano ended the season with one of the finest performances this city has heard in many decades."



New Zealand Herald:

"Yaltah Menuhin maintained the family tradition of faultless technique and beautiful tone. Bach's Partita in A minor was played magnificently with stength and rich timbre, pellucid clarity of melodic line, perfect combining of contrapunctal streams and depth of character in every phrase. It had the large tone of unimpeachable quality which one remembers in Solomon's playing."



Examiner, San Francisco:

"Her playing had complete technical assurance, lively spirit and feeling .... poetic thoughtfulness with flights of passion .... a brilliant achievement."