New Zealand tour, 1952 Mayoral reception, Wellington 1952 New Zealand tour, 1952 Yaltah during New Zealand tour, 1952 Gabor Rejto

Gabor Rejto was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1939. His first 'cello teacher was Frederick Teller, a local teacher whose ideas, for the time, were exceptionally forward looking. At sixteen, Rejto entered the Academy of Music under Adolf Schiffer (a pupil of and later assistant to the great David Popper), and two years later, with his Artist’s Diploma, he embarked upon a European concert career.

At twenty, he went for two years’ study with Pablo Casals, first in Barcelona and then in Prades. Casals worked with him for almost a month only on basic technique, no literature. Casals really revolutionized the approach to the 'cello and at that time it was very modern.

Rejto concertized extensively throughout Europe and played with major symphony orchestra's in Vienna, Budapest, Rome, Warsaw and others, as well as in solo recitals in the great cities of Europe.

In 1952, Gabor Rejto and Yaltah Menuhin undertook an extensive tour of New Zealand together. Over a period of five weeks they gave about 25 concerts, to great critical acclaim.

Rejto was a resident of the US from 1939 until his death in 1987. During his career, he was on the faculty of the Manhattan and Eastman school of music and from 1954 to his death was professor of 'cello at the University of Southern California. He was also the 'cellist in the Paganini and Hungarian string quartets, among others, and was a founding member of the Alma Trio. His chamber music experience attracted many students to his 'Cello Workshops held throughout the United States.

Rejto was chosen Artist Teacher of the Year at the American String Teachers Association’s 25th anniversary conference. He was a revered teacher who believed that students should be taught as individuals. One must be involved with them and be aware of their individual needs. Not only from the instrumental approach but also from a personal angle. A teacher has to be psychologist as well as instructor.


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