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Yaltah at NBC, 1945 Yaltah in 1949 Yaltah in 1962 Award Medal Yaltah and Joel, 1962 Menuhins, 1970s
Yaltah's memory has been honoured with a memorial fund* in her name. The primary objective of the fund is to (help) develop the talents of young pianists who have already given proof of their outstanding musical ability and promise in the practice of their art, by means of awards and bursaries.

The distinguished French pianist, Cécile Ousset, is Honorary Patron of the Yaltah Menuhin Memorial Fund.

Recipients of the Yaltah Menuhin Award include:

    Mario Häring Mario Häring    
Melissa Tu Melissa Tu Eben Wagenstroom Eben Wagenstroom Sulayman Human Sulayman Human
Kensuke Kawajiri Kensuke Kawajiri Roelof Temmingh Roelof Temmingh Lezanti van Sittert Lezanti van Sittert

* Registered as a Charitable Trust with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce; number 24351288

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