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Menuhin family in 1923 Yaltah in the 1940s At practice Yaltah and Joel, 1970s Yaltah in 2000 Menuhins at Carnegie Hall, 1933 Yaltah in the 1980s
Gstaad 1964 Title Page Menuhin women in the 1920s
Menuhins in the 1930s Yaltah's 50th birthday
Yaltah in the 1930s Menuhin children in the 1920s
Yaltah and Lionel Yaltah in 1962
Yaltah in 1962 Yaltah and Hephzibah, 1952
Mozart Triple Concerto Yaltah in 2000
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Yaltah and Paul Yaltah in Jerusalem Menuhins in 1927 Yaltah and Israel Menuhin children in the 1930s Andy and Liz Auster Los Gatos, 1950s